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How Inflatable Life Jacket work?

Inflatable life jackets have two types, automatic and manual. Life jacket marked with automatic inflation will inflate when submerged in water. (Or manually pull the cord or oral inflation tube.), and manual inflatable life jacket will inflate by "pull the cord" or oral inflation only.

Is the inflatable life jacket one time use?

NO, after your inflatable life jacket inflated one time, before next time use,you need to buy re-arming kits to re-equip your inflatable life jacket to use.

Who can wear an Inflatable Life Jacket?

Inflatable life jackets are generally intended for persons over 80lbs and chest sizes between 30” - 56”. To meet life jacket carriage requirements, the intended wearer must be over 16 years of age. Non-swimmers are not recommended for inflatable life jackets. Review your life jacket's labels and owner's manual for additional information.

Can I wear my Inflatable Life Jacket on a personal water craft?

U.S. Coast Guard approved inflatable life jackets are not approved for use on personal watercraft, for whitewater paddling, water-skiing and knee boarding or similar towed uses.


Several possibilities: While sailing: Ready for use, or even better, always on the man/woman. A lot of accidents happen when peeing. After sailing: dry, in the dark and not too warm or too cold.